Sora Global – Reinventing Ourselves

I have been hearing the phrase “Reinventing Yourself” for a long time. The fact is, Sora Global has been evolving for over a decade.
I (Sora Global) began in 2006 offering Life, Long Term Care and Annuity policies as a viable means of financial survival for young families in case of a catastrophic event. A couple of years into this successful endeavor, as the recession rolled around followed by the Affordable Care Act phenomenon, I found the need to make my first reinvention. By 2010 Sora Global had become a provider of International Health Insurance products with clients throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.
As the domestic economy stabilized, in 2015, I found a niche market created by the Affordable Care Act in the realm of health benefits for groups with less than fifty employees. My second reinvention.
Last year we did another reinventing within the insurance industry, a bit different from the Life and Health products we had been specializing in for the previous twelve years. We took a giant step forward into Property and Casualty. While most agencies begin with General Lines products for their clients, i.e., homeowners, auto, business insurance, then introducing benefits programs for their business clients, we took the opposite route. But then, I am not your conventional follow-the-rules kind of guy. Just ask my wife, she’ll tell you how “special” I can be. Nonconventional is my middle name.
Today we are proud to offer our clients programs that will protect their business and their homes, their employees’ health as well as the future of their family. We have become a Full Service Boutique agency.
We are also proud to tout twelve plus years of benefits experience and have partnered with professionals who bring over forty years of general lines experience, as well as Life, Investments and 401K programs for your small business.
That’s a lot of reinventing for thirteen years. Don’t you think? Who knows, there may  still be more to come.

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