5 bubbles investors need to watch Commentary: Beware emerging markets, Bitcoins and junk bonds

By Jeff Reeves

The stock market has been choppy since mid-June, thanks in part to tapering talk and even more data that proves China is slowing down.

As the Federal Reserve tightens policy and emerging-market demand cools, we are going to see plenty of unsustainable growth models fail to meet Wall Street expectations and slowly come apart at the seams.

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Americans living longer, but not quite healthier
A study shows Americans are living longer, but not healthier, and a look at the burgeoning luxury-condo market.

Or, if you prefer the more panicked parlance of the blogosphere … some bubbles are about to get popped.

Not all of these bubbles will, of course, burst in quick or dramatic fashion. Sometimes bubbles simply deflate, either steadily or slowly, until all the air inside is gone and only the lining remains.

But regardless of the pace, the risk posed by these five bubbles is fairly clear — and investors should start to prepare accordingly.

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