Survey Ranks the Most Expensive U.S. Destinations This Summer

By: Newswire
Travel Agent

Provincetown, located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, has just earned the distinction of being the most expensive American city in which to lodge this summer, according to a new survey from The survey revealed this after comparing the hotel rates of all U.S. destinations during the main summer travel period of July 1 to August 31. says the average price of each locale’s cheapest available room determined the rankings. As a result, all of the rates expressed by the survey are indicative of the minimum amount vacationers will have to pay to lodge in a specific destination this summer. Hotels had be rated two stars or higher to be considered by the survey.
The following table shows the 20 most expensive destinations in the USA. The prices shown reflect the average rate for each city’s cheapest available double room for the time period spanning July 1 through August 31, 2013.
1. Provincetown $217
2. Cape May $204
3. Martha’s Vineyard $202
4. Santa Monica $199
5. Old Orchard Beach $192
6. Calistoga $186
7. Kennebunkport $184
8. Ogunquit $183
9. Poipu $176
10. Boston $175
11. Laguna Beach $174
12. Waikoloa $169
13. Newport $167
14. Cambridge $166
15. Princeville $164
16. Kill Devil Hills $163
17. Rockport $157
18. Bar Harbor $154
19. Ocean City $152
20. Wildwood Crest $146

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